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Reflect and share on your journey.

Connect with a community of learners as you share stories together. Use The Playbook to help you create reflections on the episodes you are watching in Learn, then submit those reflections to the Community Gallery.

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Community Gallery

Become a creator by sharing your reflections in the Community Gallery. Your work will be seen by others on this journey, and it could even be featured on the site or social media. Browse submissions from other learners and get inspired by their stories.

The Playbook has guides and questions to help you reflect on what you learn from each series. Use those reflections to create a digital submission for the Community Gallery. Here are some ideas:

  • Record a video of yourself

  • Record an audio track using Voice Memo

  • Make a digital image of your written words

  • Draw or doodle and snap a photo of your creation

  • Take a photo of something that represents your reflection