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Start your treaty journey.

Travel through each series, learning more about treaties with each episode. Available in video or audio-only streaming options. 

Use The Playbook as a guide to help you Create reflections on your journey. It also includes illustrated text for series 01-03.

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Understanding Our Treaties Series

Learn about treaties and how they impact your life. Discover how treaties came to be and how they are negotiated and implemented today. Stories, history, and current issues are shared by former negotiators and experts in the field. Indigenous emerging leaders also share their stories.

series 01.

The Journey Starts Here

An introduction to treaties and how they impact your life.

series 03.

The Treaty Simulation

Discover the Treaty Simulation and be a negotiator.

miniseries 01.

Treaty Talk

Stories from emerging leaders and experts in the field.

series 02.

The Treaty Basics

Travel through time, exploring historic and modern treaties. 

series 04.

The Treaty Deep Dive

In production...

stay tuned.

miniseries 02.

Implementation Talk

In production...

stay tuned.

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Understanding Our Treaties is an initiative of The Gordon Foundation. 

This resource and the simulations have been developed in collaboration with partners.